San Diego-based Progressive Alternative Rock project Sluka continues the promotional rollout of their upcoming album in traditional, boundary-pushing fashion. Listeners never quite know what to expect of this eccentric and unpredictable project, except of course, consistently thought-provoking lyricism and powerful themes backed by provocative music and videos. The second single “Sunset Screamer” from the forthcoming album “Cautionary Yell” was released today on April 30th.

Released on April 30th (the anniversary of Hitler’s suicide, a date when most of the world  erroneously thought would be the end of fascism). The song is a reflection of the polarization in the USA and all over the world. We used to just ignore people who would rant and scream nonsense. But now the “Orange Jesus”, as he is referred to by people in his own party, is now leading in many polls to regain the presidency sounding more and more like the Fuhrer of 1930’s Germany. The video will be released on May 8th, the anniversary of the official end to World War II in Europe, again a date in which the world thought fascism was defeated.

The accompanying video was released on May 8th
(the anniversary of the end of WWII in Europe, a similar notable date).


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