Stefan West’s latest single is a clear nod to the more poppy side of Britpop, a-la Travis and Stereophonics. With a jangly rhythm, memorable hooks, and a bustling mix, Stefan West is flexing his musical prowess and lyrical vulnerability on ‘Slow Down World’.

Australian, based in Geelong, Stefan West is a singer and songwriter whose dabbling with guitar-based indie pop is set to grace our ears on his latest studio album Cambridge, off of which ‘Slow Down World’ is the third single. Stefan West is an advocate for mental health awareness and addiction recovery, and ‘Slow Down World’ explores the theme of trying all the tips and tricks self-help culture provides for one to feel better, and still failing to get one’s spirits up.

Stefan West’s exploration of this tragic theme comes in the form of very bright, upbeat, and jubilant pop rock. Overdriven rhythm guitars, functional, driving beats, and a gently cacophonous chorus with blaring fanfare horns, all in support on West’s tongue-in-cheek lyrics and his accessible, musical singing style that’s at once loaded with emotion, yet enjoyable and uplifted. A sweet delving into adult mental struggles, done lightly and tastefully by a learned expert on the topic.

‘Slow Down World’ is a funny, serious, small, big song. Tackling important topics lightheartedly. With a terrific mix and engaging performances, it is also a solidly written pop tune that’s as much fun to listen to as it is relatable to reflect upon.