Slow Down by Indigo Daydream


Indigo daydream, also known as Nick Cheshire, is an artist hailing from the United Kingdom. He draws inspiration from bands such as Slowdive, Tame Impala and Mazzy Star. He recently released his new single, “Slow Down” on the 17th of june, and released a music video alongside it.

The song, at first listen, sounds like you’re in a dream! Cheshire’s vocals, alongside the hazy beat makes you feel like you napped too long on a lazy afternoon and started having some pretty lucid dreams. This song is giving me Smashing Pumpkins vibes from the 90’s, with the same trippy beats and lyrics. The beat is super hypnotic, you feel like you enter a trance. My only concern is that Cheshire’s vocals are too muffled that I can’t comprehend the lyrics from hearing alone, though I feel like it’s part of the whole experience!

All in all this track was pretty solid, with a beautiful message of us needing to slow down to enjoy what’s around us, especially seeing as we are just some cells in a moving rock in a solar system so large and grand. Bravo Nick, beautiful entrancing song.