Lauren Daly

Disco Lizards is a collaborative music project from London created by Matt Stolworthy. After releasing their debut album “RIDE RIDE RIDE” in 2020 they spent the pandemic writing and preparing their upcoming Ep “Roll Over Red Rover” which will be released in April 2022 with a series of singles starting with the one we’re reviewing today “Slow”. “Slow” was Produced and mixed by Ian Werkhouse Flynn and was given a cool artwork by Lauren Daly, the band describes it as “a story set in a hospital about two people who are from opposite worlds toying with love, lust and death” so, let’s dig deeper into it.

“Slow” is a fuzzy, psychedelic and deep tune. It builds up from verse to bridge and chorus through an escalating vocal and guitar melodies that turns into a melodic riff at the top. They are flexing their song writing skills and musicianship with using cool guitar effects for their expressive guitar melodies and riffs, laying a subtle nice bassline, energetic drums and on point vocal melody. The structure is pretty interesting especially that mood booster part around min 2:10, that riff hits you and keep on going harder with that scream jumping on it and after all that they carefully steered the mood into an ambient cool outro matching the song’s psychedelic intro.

“Slow” is a pretty interesting song that’ll keep you focused on nothing else as long as it’s playing. I believe it’s a good introduction to Disco Lizards as it shows a lot of character and musicianship, they created a dynamic mood with various sounds that kept it interesting throughout the whole 3:40 mins. Looking forward for more from Disco Lizards, cheers!