Moonlight Thief, a young musical duo from Vreden, Germany recently released their new single “Slip Away”. It’s worth mentioning that it’s self-produced and self-made in a home studio, though it sounds far more professional than some music nowadays. The lineup consists of Emily Küpers on vocals and guitar, and Alexander Almering on guitar and percussion. This song talks about heartbreak, and basically about broken relationships.

At first listen, I couldn’t help but to fall in love with the drums in this song, the drums sound so buttery and warm, it’s music to my ears! Küpers vocals are angelic and euphonic, and really brings the song together, Her vocals are the kind that moves something inside of you. Her vocals, paired with the dazzling drum sound, really make the song what it is: an absolute banger.

In conclusion, It’s hard to believe that the duo are both under the age of 21 and producing such bangers, if they continue like this, the road to stardom would probably happen before they’re old enough to drink!