Artwork by Hannah Kruse

Vancouver four piece band Slightest Clue is like the secret after-school project of four kids who would have passed each other without a glance in the hallway at school – but once they’re plugged in and ready to play their distinct blend of post-punk, alternative rock, and dark pop, all bets are off.

With their vigorous new release, “Zipper,” the band had a rough idea of what the song might end up becoming, since a big inspiration to get it finished was the idea of playing it live. There’s an electric current that gets all four of them hyped up whenever they play it live together, and they knew that this crazy energy had to be translated into the final recorded track.

The lyrics came from frustrations with one’s own mental state, and feeling trapped when you can remember a happy feeling but your brain won’t deliver it when you need it most. The song title comes directly from the initial demo Sean Ries sent, titled “so many zippers” which references the tone of his guitar.


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