9 o’clock Nasty released an alternative, garage rock song that is of a new style that is the opposite of their usual called ‘Sleepy Policeman’, on the 12th of November from Leicester UK.

With such huge success from them and a steady audience, the band wanted to take their audience to new places by experimenting with a less intense and violent approach to rock-making. With elements of dub and dance present in the beat. 

The song is about how elite law enforcement professionals are trained to give their lives for only the rich, degenerate, scumbags. With an obvious distaste for this notion and the way things are done, the song expresses this anger in a much lighter and friendlier way than usual. The overall sound of the song is slow and of course rebellious in nature. The song is slow paced and the musical arrangement is rich with intense drums blending in the background and electric guitar rhythms. The vocals are sexy, clear and sometimes high pitched. This song is so smooth and chill for any time of day. 

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