One of the best things that came out of the lockdown and times of the pandemic is that a lot of artists turned to music and found the time to work on different projects. EVNTYD is a new project formed in 2020 by Julián Berdegué, an Austin-based songwriter and producer who was part of the ‘Have To Have’ band then. The artist felt that his compositions and writings were going in a different direction and the band doesn’t fit with his upcoming sound, so he took the time during the lockdown and came up with EVNTYD. With already 33k followers on Instagram and over 16K listeners on Spotify only, the project is already gaining the liking of the fans and attracting listeners. The project’s style is influenced by bands like DIIV, Beach Fossils, Turnover, and Day Wave. 

“Sleepyhead” is the project’s latest single released and, in a month, it reached 10K listening times on Spotify. The song has an indie vibe, a dream-pop mood, keeping it light yet leaving some lively rock elements. The song has an accompanying bass guitar line, it’s essential within the song’s musical context as it mirrors the main melody and answers back to it with interesting riffs along with the electric guitar riffs and chords leaving it rich in sound but not overwhelming. The drum line is subtle and of equal importance as the other instrumental lines, adding a flavor to the song and not just keeping the beat. The song is a very sweet conversation between the artist and his fiancé where he tells her to wake up on an early Saturday morning as he is always an early riser while she loves to sleep in. So, he finds a sweet and creative way of waking her up by coming up with this song. The song was recorded at the artist’s home and was mixed by Danny Reisch. 

The artist has plans on releasing a debut album in early 2023 which he is currently working on and will release singles up until then. Girls, listen to this song and enjoy the music as well as the romantic story behind it, and boys; listen and learn!