“Sleepwalking Through History” proves that music is a marvelous escapism method, and Chucky Trading Co’s work in particular is a peaceful getaway that entices one to close their eyes, forget about any daily hustles, and enjoy the dreamy folk universes.

It takes a lot of talent, skills, musicality, effort, and passion to keep making music without having one song that isn’t up to par. But Chucky Trading Co, consisting of songwriter CS Taber and producer Everett Young, effortlessly do it all the time.

Upbeat percussion, guitar strumming, and bright keys open “Sleepwalking Through History” and pave the way for CS Taber to tell the story of a strange, unbalanced love story with his soulful voice and smooth storytelling. The instruments sing along delightfully with the vocals to deliver a sensible scene. Element after element tangles seamlessly and satisfactorily to make the piece as lighthearted and easygoing as possible.

It’s my fifth review of a Chucky Trading Co song, and the charm of their work works every time, as if it’s the first. How CS Taber’s warm, melodic vocals blend naturally with the graceful, harmonic composition and build up an elated, serene vibe by being wrapped up in tight production is a kindhearted type of magic that’s able to reach one’s core, spreading such a timeless atmosphere.