Takeover‘s Latest Single “Sleeping With Strangers” Takes Listeners on a Thrilling Rock Journey
In August, the New York-based 5-piece group Takeover released their latest single, “Sleeping With Strangers,” which proved to be a fantastic rock revival. Influenced by several beloved icons like The Velvet Underground, The Ramones, and The Strokes, among many others, Takeover’s music is invigorating and exciting.

Starting off with a distorted guitar tone, “Sleeping With Strangers” had all the makings of a typical rock song. However, the first 30 seconds transport the listener back two or three decades, creating an impressive and unforgettable experience. Every instrument’s sound is crisp and clear. The bass line by Alex Black and the drums by Matt Gallub are particularly noteworthy, as they keep the core of the track together.

The verses are equally impressive, with Mitch Etchason‘s riffs and Mark Fischer‘s guitar licks, complementing Dylan Hemingway‘s powerful and emotive vocals. The chorus is nothing short of breathtaking, giving listeners goosebumps. And when Mark‘s solo kicks in, air guitar techniques seem inevitable. The idea of ending the track with an acoustic outro was a cool step to cool your ears down, making it perfect for repeat mode.

In conclusion, “Sleeping With Strangers” by Takeover is not just another new rock song; it is a 2023 rock masterpiece. Fantastic job, guys! We can’t wait for your next release.