First of all, this article is written by a HUGE metalcore fan and specially Sleeping With SirensSWS. Fans of SWS know the spirit and attitude of the band and the atmosphere they create around you with their music in your ear, this mood they put you in, this perfect balance between Kellin’s soft voice and the genre’s heavy music with the occasional perfectly placed screams, kind of music perfect for those filled with anger but doesn’t fancy the really heavy music and growling to express their feeling like metal and it’s heavy subgenres.

So, for a lot of SWS fans the last album FEEL was a mess, one to forget about and never mention, fans felt like “Ok, this is it for SWS it was a good run. They were really nice, but as everything it’s over” and like “Okay they are not going anywhere but down from here.”But then came out the last single ‘Kick Me’ and changed everything. It was completely different from anything in the album Feel, it was completely out of all fans expectations. It brought us back the “old SWS”. With ears to see, And eyes to hear” SWS.. The anger, the energy of SWS… That SWS feeling.

‘Kick Me’is a SWS track with SWS written all over it. You could know it is a SWS track just from the sound of it – apart from Kellin’s voice which of course is a deal breaker. Apart from this point the track itself is very powerful and energetic. The lyrics, the music…The SWS trademark of perfectly placed screams… EVERYTHING. In this track the band gives you exactly what you wanted and expected from them… 3 minutes of energy.

About the music and the pace of the track it doesn’t ascend no… it starts high and doesn’t go but higher till the last “down” that comes out from Kellin’s mouth in the last second… I have listened to nearly all SWS tracks and I can honestly say that this definitely is one of my top 5 for them… Frankly, this single made me very optimistic about the new album and which was released last month on the 17th of March.

Recommended: Play the music video whenever you can. It’s even better than just listening to the song it adds visuals to the lyrics and I specially admired the appearance of a veiled girl as one of the “misfits” in the video…and here is the Music Video.


Edited by: NJ Bakr