I love some old school punk rock in my daily dose of music cup…

…and today is extra special because I was listening to Weak Daze’s “Sleeping Awake” and it did make me start my day with a jolt of musical energy.

Let’s get to know Weak Daze a little bit more…

The good people of Weak Daze started as a four-piece Northern California emo-indie-rock band, then they moved to Nashville, Tennessee…a place with a lot of musical history…

Guitar history was basically written there!

The good people from Weak Daze have been garnering huge attention and building up a fan base-obviously-for their awesome music, energy and ‘true’ lyrics.

They’ve been working non-stop on new songs, they’re also performing all over the place…they don’t take a break apparently! Awesome stuff.

Weak Daze also released their latest single “Sleeping Awake” last month…and it’s getting awesome traction and feedback already from all their performances…respect.

So, why don’t we take a deeper look into Weak Daze’s “Sleeping Awake”…and get to feel the music a bit more? Let’s!

The song starts out with a very unique choice of mood…

…it feels like a shoegaze-punk-rock intro…is that even a thing? If it’s not, then it should be.

The mood is set with that ambient guitar-picking based intro, but then it takes you along the ride and into the verse…which is more punk-rock territory, the energy is awesome, the guitars sound big and wide…the drums come into play, drives the song forward and drives the energy up!

They then go into a pre-chorus kind of mood…everything is building up rapidly, the drummer starts working his double pedal magic…the song is about to explode!

…and it does…

It explodes into a huge explosion of punk-rock-chorus goodness!

The chorus’ melody is catchy and will keep you singing, even long after the song is finished. That is the magic of a good melody…that of course is happening also because the music is so big, energetic, full…and also because everything is working together perfectly.

…I have to mention…the vocals, I loved that scream before the chorus…punk and primal, awesome.

Also, I gotta say, the song is 3 minutes and 18 seconds, however…I believe, because of its energy it will feel way less…first time I heard “Sleeping Awake” I thought to myself “wow, 2 minutes of awesomeness, wish it was longer”…then I saw that it’s longer!

Whenever that happens, I automatically think that whoever is making the music…they are on the right track of catching people’s emotions.

We wish Weak Daze all the luck in the world, their music deserves to be heard and their energy deserves to be felt. You guys rock!


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