‘Sleazy Street’ is a bass sound with some background music around it.

No, seriously. Bladderwrack’s latest single is a quirky protest song, politically charged, bluesy, heavy-handed, and loaded with an endless supply of character.

Identifying themselves as a three-man band playing “Dickensian” punk, Bladderwrack are based in London and their latest single, titled ‘Sleazy Street’ is a punching song with a sound that’s one-hundred percent novel.

What sounds like ominous, bellowing, vocal yelps intertwine with the at-once intricate and caveman-level beat. The level of intricacy on the song is generally so high that at times it sounds quite crude, in a charming, lo-fi sort of way. While the political message on ‘Sleazy Street’ might find difficulty resonating with listeners outside of Bladderwrack’s homeland of Albion, the bass riff sure won’t find any. Bold and massive, syncopated and overdriven, the verses’ bass riff is a delight to the senses.

Another highlight has to be the sensational guitar solo which transforms the song momentarily from the aforementioned caveman-level of straightforwardness to a very sophisticated piece of alternative rock. With its calculated tone, polished delivery, and restrained phrasing, the short solo comes as a stark reminder that the 3 men behind Bladderwrack are high-functioning members of society.

‘Sleazy Street’ is a delicious blend of novel and quirky, hairy and uncivilized, and balanced and intentional. A fusion you need to be a brilliant musician to even attempt, let alone ace, as ferociously or as confidently as Bladderwrack do.