Son Silva is a distinctive and fascinating musician who is releasing a new single this year that shows how he can be diverse in his style and genre in a single song. Son Silva, an artist who was just recently born, has a lot of talent that is yet unknown to those who value their work. You’ll be drawn to the name “Skyview,” which has an intriguing aura.

The introduction resembles a distorted instrumental piece that is quite similar to rock music. Then a rap part comes in, skillfully expressing the technique he uses in this composition. He adds intense emotions like sorrow, worry, anger, and grief. The tunes picked for “Skyview” were intended to incorporate pop punk and shoegaze elements.

Son Silva mentioned in one of his interviews that after finishing this song in November, he had the feeling that something wild needed to be added to this piece. By incorporating his creative thoughts, he requested some guitar samples from a buddy, then in the end edited and added some melodies to give the punk music some shine.

You can tell each song has outstanding art since it is made with its unique plot and style of listening to the previously released tunes.