Norm Eder

At times, dealing with life’s dark situations requires some sarcasm to get through them. The singer/songwriter and producer Dean Mueller surely does so! He knows how to professionally create a lighthearted tune that humorously depicts a gray state in a colorful manner. You can’t know what his craft’s secret is, but you can learn about the outcome in his single, “Sky Fallin’.”

Dean Mueller is a professional musician who has been in the music scene for almost two decades as a singer, songwriter, bassist, producer, promoter, and recording engineer. So if you’re wondering if there’s something this man can’t do, it’s that he can’t let life make him lose his positive attitude and aspire for new journeys.

“Sky Fallin’” is an Americana-spirited song where you can hear the hysteric saying “the sky is falling” in a vivid timbre. It’s a hybrid between narrative and singing that’s delivered with a folk flair dipped in rock. If you just looked at the lyrical content without the other components, you’d think it’s a melancholy take. Nevertheless, the grooves and the sarcastic, tolerated vocal performance make it a feel-good song that you’d delightfully sing along with.

The song captures the slow burn of a relationship in which the partners did each other wrong or were not a good match from the start and simply ignored the signs. The lyrics are highlighting the kind of relationship where one person is fly-high and the other is clingy, and they obviously see things differently; however, you can’t get mad at any of them because of Mueller’s smooth, carefree narrative with his soothing, melodic vocal line.

The instruments add a burst of positive energy that blends perfectly with the theme. The hooking melody, the uplifting acoustic solo, and the bouncy cadence make you forget for a moment that this is a song called “Sky Fallin’,” and you don’t care if it presses an old wound of a relevant story of yours; you’d rather be on cloud nine. The multi-talented musician worked with Kenneth Blevins on drums, Steven Hinston on electric guitar, Dave Jacques on bass, and Kevin McKendree on production, mixing, keyboards, and background vocals to create this wonderful product with such polished sonic joy.

If you like to be in the company of someone who passes on life’s experiences with ease, Dean Mueller is your guy. And if you lean towards soulfully act, he’s your guy too, and his single “Movin’ On” will tell you why. To find out what else he has up his sleeve, we’ll have to wait for the follow-up singles, which will be released with the full album “Sky Fallin'” in early 2023.