Brian Ray Norris

The stomachache that comes from both fear of loneliness and butterflies soaring from seeing someone that caught your attention is captured through the lustrous vibe in Billie Fitz’s “Skipped a Beat.”

Hailing from Park Ridge is the emerging musician Billie Fitz, who is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter. His talents aren’t as young as his age. You can hear his musical aspirations, delicate sensations, and composing skills in his latest single, “Skipped a Beat.”

The singles start with an upbeat intro of a dreamy, uplifting fusion of guitar, bass, synthesizer, and drums. You’ll find yourself nodding your head and swaying a little just from this opening. Billie Fitz’s vocals are as bright as the instrumentation, with a silky tone and an emotional timbre. His heartfelt storytelling paints the scene he’s narrating in your head.

The euphoric feeling that comes from the well-written, played, and placed rhythms carries on for the rest of the song. It has a melancholic flavor, though, offering a vulnerable, sincere side of the artist. Delivering both excitement and loneliness through all of the elements demonstrates how clever Billie is. He managed to create a vivid atmosphere accompanied by genuine sensations.

“Skipped a Beat” is the second single of the debut album, “Windowpane” that is set to be released on November 7th. With such a smooth, enriched introduction, I can’t wait to hear what it holds!