Let’s face it, it’s more exciting when you find a video with a warning in its beginning, actually, it provokes us more to watch, right? Actually, I love such strange and exotic videos, I don’t enjoy normal music videos when bands film their recording sessions or just some live performance inserts, this is why I love such videos, they are more creative and artistic than the normal ones. 

“Skin is about ripping out of your teenage years and facing yourself in the mirror in a cruel, yet reflective look at what you love and hate about your life and how change can be harsh to all, but ultimately leaves you a better and changed person.”Voodoo Bloo explained.

Voodoo Bloo are 4-young talented artists who in my opinion they are trying to revolutionize the indie music scene. Although they are still fresh talents, they look very experienced to me indeed. “SKIN” was written by VB’s main songwriter and frontman, Rory McDonald, I really love his deep vocal tone! It’s something like between vintage and modern at the same time, I don’t know even how he can do it this way! The remarkable thing over here is how he can change from a deep tone to shouting in a very extraordinary performance. In fact, the four of them are really marvellous. I loved the guitars a lot, although it’s an alternative influence, still, the guitar effect provides a unique psychedelic feel. The bass and drums were very impressively tight, definitely, they should be as they created a great core for this track. The whole track is really nice, but I can say that my favourite will be the bridge of this track. I love its transition and how it’s so energetic that in fact it delivers the idea of the song nicely. The music video is well-filmed and directed indeed? I believe Oli Cass (Director) did a lot of effort to implement such a storyboard. Actually, the whole lines who worked on this music video deserve an award, as I loved how they were very keen about every single detail such as colouring, cuts and edits, and even inserts. Well done! Currently these stunning are busy at the studio after signing with PlasticGroove Records as they are working now on their second full-length, “The Blessed Ghost”. Stay tuned for this and I believe they will be added to your library right away! 




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Mena Ezzat