Last month, Skillet released a new music video for the song ‘Feel Invincible’, after 3 years of absence following their last release, titled Rise, in 2013.
Skillet released their newest album, Unleashed, on August 5th. Skillet, who met fame after 4 successful releases starting with Collide in 2003 until Rise in 2013. Unleashed may feed the hunger of Skillet fans after long waiting. In general, Skillet music and concepts are unique, as they focusing on the concepts of religion, doing good, Christianity, and criticism of the current social issues.

‘Feel Invincible’ as a music video carries the usual style of Skillet; the band prefers to perform the music video with their usual performance of jumps, head banging, screaming and combining between John Cooper’s and Jen Ledger’s vocals. The band’s performance in this video is similar to their latest music videos for ‘Sick of It’, ‘Not Gonna Die’, and ‘Hero and Monster’. The band members also appear with black clothes as the usual. The colors theme of the video is different degrees of dark blue and gray. Black is used in the video as a sign of inner fears and demons.

The track itself carries the usual style and shape of Skillet‘s music. The track is opened with guitar tunes and it carries many atmospheric/electronic touches with a clear appearance of keys. The melodies are full of energy and power. The atmosphere of the track is the same as many of Skillet‘s powerful tracks like ‘Monster’, ‘Live Free Or Let Me Die’, ‘Rise’, and ‘Forsaken’.

As for the vocals, John Cooper combines between the high pitched clean vocals and the calm ones which as usual goes very well with Jen Ledger’s vocals.

To sum up, Skillet still keeps their unique and beautiful musical taste and concepts. The track is really good but as for me, the previous stuff is still better!

Edited by: Jailan El-Rafie