Sinprophecy is one of the popular bands in our scene. They decided to give their fans a nice gift for the Christmas and New Year. ‘Tears of a Sinner’ is their latest single from their upcoming album Through Sacrifice and Redemption.

The track opens with a dynamic melodic riffs. It portrays the real evil residing inside the human race. Let me paint you a picture, it’s late at night, the protagonist starts to reminisce and lets his stream of consciousness flow freely, many tales, old and new, good memories, bad memories, broken hopes and dead dreams, when he lets himself drown in a sea of his sins. The idea of the conversation between the soul and the sin starts at 00:49 in the track. The riffs starts to get darker, simply saying TASTE THE BITTER WINE OF YOUR SIN.

Deep Scandinavian influences mixed with powerful harsh tunes of melodic death metal. This track could touch the inside of your soul and expose the hidden blackened part of your humanity. Blaming this sinner’s soul, forcing it to look in a mirror and see the ugliness of his sins. In 2:25 we meet the hardest part in the track, it is like the climax, the breaking point. The point of confession.

Catchy harmony between the instruments; the guitars playing the tragic role of the protagonist, the drums, the vocals, the screams, the shouts the suffering like the heavy beats of the night, the heavy footsteps of sin. Can we consider this track like the legend of “Doctor Faustus”? He chose to sell his soul to the Devil and become the king of sins, he was a friend of Lucifer’s, and he witnessed the conversation of the Seven Deadly Sins. Finally, he realized that he was beyond redemption.

The tragedy lies within the tunes of Sinprophecy. ‘Tears of a Sinner’ is one of the most remarkable experiences in my career with Rock Era Magazine. Maybe, Sinprophecy is not the best band in Egypt but it is one of the Best bands in Egypt, maybe it is still not international yet, but it gives us a deep, professional, effective, and well-composed track. The Rate is 9.75, and yes it is the highest rate I have ever given for a track. I will end this review with 2 sentences: Drink and Taste the BITTER WINE of your sins and RAISE YOUR HAND BECAUSE YOU ARE A SINNER.

Edited By: Ahmed S. Khalil