So, not a while ago, Sinprophecy has delivered a new charming piece of art, ‘Echoes Of Silent Hymns’. If you are a Sinprophecy fan, of course, you were shocked because of the new different path that Sinprophecy have taken through their new stuff. Nobody in our scene hasn’t had many thoughts about Sinprophecy‘s upcoming album.

The mood of the track is the usual mood of Sinprophecy: dark, gloomy, sorrowful and wintry. It carries more than one concept, like agony of loneliness, regret, pain after departure, mourning, silent screams, blessing nature and melancholy, pain of love, insomnia, being lost, haunted by whispers of the subconscious mind and searching for the light.

The track starts with magical sorrowful tunes of keys and scorching riffs of the violin. The harmony between the violin and the keys brings My Dying Bride‘s ‘For My Fallen Angel’ to my mind. The music is followed by depressed painful spoken clean vocals, which brings back all the concepts of pain and depression. The vocals of Sayed Ragai were a great surprise to me, far away from the usual growling, brutal, and harsh sounds of Sinprophecy. Add to that the angelic voice of Nour Khan that reflects the beauty of nature, nobody can deny the magical and beautiful atmosphere she added to Sinprophecy‘s music.

Sinprophecy took on a new and challenging path with this track. Introducing a new taste of music to the scene is a great challenge for a local or international band. Swallow The Sun,which is one of the main influences of Sinprophecy, have before also taken the challenge of introducing a clean acoustics album, which is Songs of The North part 2. Sinprophecy may be following the same direction. As for me, the track brought to my mind a lot of thoughts about great bands music like My Dying Bride, Saturnus, and Swallow The Sun. The unique mood with the magical notes of music and the highly emotional vocals point to Sinprophecy as one of the greatest and most effective Doom Metal bands in our scene. Keep going, Sinners.

Edited by: Jailan El-Rafie