“Standalone Syndrome” is a new single by the Ukrainian Psych/stoner rock band, Sinoptik. The three generations of rockn’roll in one shot includes; Dmitriy Afanasiev-Gladkykh (Guitar, Keys and Vocals), Dmitriy Sakir (Bass) and Victor Gerchev (Drums).

The band is so hyper in general, especially when I watched their official live music video. But I recognized that they know how to choose their melodies very carefully, I enjoy really bands who cares about melodic tunes more than how advanced musicians they are, because this is music after all….melody and harmony, right?

It’s obvious that the trio have been raised on rock’n’roll and they were capable in few years to establish a strong name and witnessed many big events, especially being best new band of the world 2016, as proclaimed by GBOB. Winners of the Global Battle of the Bands 2016 (annual worldwide competition between bands from 14 countries), the world Final was held in Berlin, Germany.

The song have a very nice intro leads to a very catchy guitar riff, and then Dmitriy strong vocal style. I’d like to mention that he knows how to choose his keys sounds very carefully, which is very rare to find these days in stoner rock bands and for sure his tremendous guitar soloing techniques. I could see here an old school drummer, actually he reminds me of the rock phenomenon John Bonham, which that let you simply keep banging and rolling your head up! And what do you want to hear more than a clear melodic tunes of a bass guitar? This is what I’ve got from Dmitriy Sakir’s bassline while listening to the song.

Finally, the band is so talented indeed and proved that we are watching upcoming rock stars for sure, especially that they have shared the stage with many big names like; Marilyn Manson, Uriah Heep, Within Temptation and many more. Sinoptik… I cannot wait to listen to your upcoming full-length.