“Sinner” is the latest single by independent Brighton-based rocker Perry Ripley and his first release in over a year. The singer-songwriter had a successful streak of releases and has a full-length album dropping sometime in 2023, but first, he’s giving us a taste of his emotional delivery on this new track.

The track begins with some lo-fi synths and bluesy guitar, and then the lead vocal line joins. From the beginning, you could feel how soulful Perry likes to keep things and how he has a great sense of rhythm while maintaining the beautiful melody of the vocal line. The lowkey backing vocals/whispers in the background add an amazing emotional element as well.

The guitars have that bluesy feel, making this track bridge the gap between Alternative rock and RnB/Soul. This style is set to appeal to both fans of retro and old rock styles as well as younger “zoomers” who love the use of guitar in an accessible and poppy arrangement. As for the electronic bassline and the drums, all I can say is that I got immersed in them without thinking too much about what was happening. Well-timed drum blasts and a groovy bassline guide the start of the chorus after the calm verse in a super charming and memorable way.

The chorus shows a change in the vocals too, as Perry lets go of the breathy and soft style of the verses for a fuller, more chest-reliant sound while pushing more air and emphasizing his consonants; making the chorus heart-wrenchingly good. I replayed the song multiple times to get that same emotional kick every time I hear the forward placement of his full voice and the way he glides from note to note all while playing with the listener’s emotions.

By the end of the song, the lo-fi electronic synths and vocal samples come out into the light, with haunting vocal lines in the background that end the track beautifully and wrap it with a bow of modernity. All in all, I equally recommend this track to rock and RnB fans to see which elements of either demographic will notice, because it has enough style and substance to please both and to leave a mark of joy and touching emotions on whoever gives it a listen.