Isolation is something we’ve all been sentenced to, yet people are different, and so are their reactions to disasters. Some people refuse to be lured into anguish and aggravation, so they begin swimming, while others prefer the serenity of cathartic surrender, halting swimming or paddling and sinking! Sinking does not, however, imply death. Something keeps them alive.

Drawing inspiration from their favourite band, “At The Drive-In,” with the four rocking friends’ styles, resulting in their own earthy sound with the fusion of alt-rock and grunge well-structured around Jake’s tuneful, gruff vocals, resulting in a professional, flawless composition. From the intro, they explode into fast-tempo beats full of chugging guitar riffs and straightforward head-hitting drumbeats, and in the middle, after extinguished instrumental playing, the tempo slows down for almost a minute and then the beats pick up again, which sounds a similar style to how they’ve done that in “Playa,” which shows how the four musicians’ preferences emerge to be one trademark of the charismatic “Horse Doctor.”


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Viola Karmy