Dino DiMuro is an experienced retired sound designer based in Los Angeles, so it wasn’t a big issue for him to produce a great output either as a musician or based on his experience in audio engineering. The first thing that will attract your ears in ‘Single Guy with a High Income’ is the catchy guitar riff and I guess my favourite parts will include the solo and the bridge as well.  Actually, his music reminds me of a lot of the iconic Frank Zappa, I believe you will easily get amazed by his track unless you’re into the trendy electro-pop stuff these days. I doubt a dedicated rock fan won’t love such an incredible tune. Back to Dino’s impressive portfolio, you should know that besides he got several awards either at Emmy, a British Academy Award, and several Golden Reel as an editor in motion picture/sound effects, the most important that during his short-lived guitar career opened once for the legendary Van Halen. Well, I guess most of the iconic films that you heard of you will find Dino’s name over there includes our childhood favourite HOME ALONE, the Bourne Series; Revenant; and the James Bond thriller SKYFALL which won the Oscar for Best Sound Effects Editing. Among Dino’s final projects was the sound design for the Netflix series NARCOS. Well, since we’re are talking about a high-profile musician and sound designer, you should know that he is a critic as well, because besides releasing series of cassette and CD albums in the ’80s and ’90s, at the same time he was a music reviewer for Option magazine. He has been profiled or reviewed in Keyboard, Alternative Press, and BAM, among other publications and blogs. He is now on an aggressive release schedule of at least two CDs a year.

Finally, I don’t find any negative point with this rock hit, actually, I am waiting for his full-length. Also, I feel lucky and honoured to have his music on my webzine. I will waste no more time of you, to let you feel the rock charm below! Enjoy!

Dino DiMuro on Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Anghami, YouTube, Amazon, and Bandcamp.


Mena Ezzat