Edmonton singer-songwriter Billie Zizi is sharing her first new music since 2016, the dreamy and transcendent “A Picture of a Picture,” a song which Zizi wrote early on in the pandemic as she pondered the “ephemeral nature of existence.”

Co-produced with close friend Austin Parachoniak, “A Picture of a Picture” couples pedal steel guitar careening high to exemplify the searching nature of Zizi’s gentle vocals, along with emotional and experimental guitar playing by Parachoniak.

Even the most significant memories can slide into obscurity. [A Picture of a Picture] is about searching for the lost memory of love and finding it only in fragmented shadows. Like a ghost, longing paces the imprint of the heart and lives in the recesses of one’s mind, dull and intractable, a diffused grief – AKA when you break up and you can barely remember their smile but you’re longing for that ecstasy in the sunshine, that young love feeling, oblivion.Billie Zizi

Now I see you in my dreams

In the corner of my eye

In reflections of spoons

In the stars in the sky

Effusive and thoughtful, without pretense yet still above board, Billie Zizi carves a distinct path marked by sonic abandon and a wild spirit. Her upcoming releases dance gently through

illusions of kaleidoscopic colour with Zizi’s masterful vocal prowess in full bloom. Listeners are treated to decorative and unpredictable cadences, poetic prowess and tasty mid-tempo rockers, creating an airy atmosphere that feels ethereal and whimsical.

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