With three released singles under his belt, Irish singer/songwriter Sano Hill is set to release his fourth single “Sing Out Loud” on September 30, 2022 as he prepares for the release of his debut full-length If Not Now, When?”. “Sing Out Loud” addresses our insecure post-pandemic world with a message to reconnect with the world and take every chance we can get to enjoy our lives. 

Sano Hill’s sense of melody and pace is pretty clear right from the beginning of “Sing Out Loud”, the slow filled with anticipation intro helped set the mood for his strong expressive vocals. I loved the progression of the song’s dynamics, and how Sano Hill created a smooth ramp progression while adding a different layer with each step like what he did with bass and acoustic guitar lines, all leading into a big bright sound that brings a lot of hope and motivation into the subject. The structure of “Sing Out Loud” is simple in the most perfect way, it serves the song’s mood as every part takes all the time it needs so you can enjoy its multi-layered melodies and feel each one of them, all topped by Sano Hill’s emotional vocals that easily translates all the lyrics into feelings that shoots straight to the listener. 

“Sing Out Loud” is a colorful tune with motivational and understanding that basically everyone needs especially in those dark times. It shows Sano Hill’s experience and musicianship and his talent in turning his ideas and lyrics into heartfelt melodies that creates bond between him and his fans. Good luck Sano Hill, looking forward to the full length, cheers!