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The chilly weather puts people in the mood for hot drinks, ethereal evenings, and lighthearted music to brighten things up. Graham Coe’s “Since You Came Along” is a terrific complement to an autumn-themed playlist that gives you that spark.

The Irish singer/songwriter, Graham Coe is adding his special glam to love ballads with his mellow rendition of “Since You Came Along,” with its dreamy vibe that feels like warm sun rays announcing the end of stormy rain.

A euphoric intro opens the song and maintains the same spirit throughout with its delicate rhythms. Graham Coe’s crisp, sensational vocals with their tended, light tone put you in the sweet romance mood where you get to feel butterflies in your stomach as if your person just came along and warmed your life with their presence and love.

The soulful lyrical content is written in the style of poetry, portraying the perfect scene when your life turns upside down and everything feels about right when the one who gets you thinking “you’re the only one who’s ever right for me” enters it.

The acoustic pop/rock delivery backs up the velvet vocals and theme very well. The melody is structured to make you feel serene and loved, as if each lyric was written for you. The harmonica offers a perky touch along with the smooth guitar chords that sound timeless. The Grammy nominated producers, Chris O’Brien and Graham Murphy production, were the finishing touches that polished this heart-felt piece, bringing out the best in each component.

“Since You Come Along” is the perfect balance between the vintage and the up-to-date flair. It gathers the best of both worlds, giving you a lift to the clouds where you can fly as you want, and when you decide to get down, you’ll settle into your favorite era.


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