The latest track from Fort Worth, Texas-based rockers Picnic Lighting is a very interesting number. The 5-minute piece is entitled “Simulacra” and it borrows elements from Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, and Punk Rock as well.

The track begins with a clean yet palm-muted riff and shortly ethereal vocals join. At first, I thought this is a special technique and effect that the vocalist is doing just for the intro, but it turns out the entire song has the same vocal style which gives it some eccentric desert vibes. 

After some time with those vocals, the distortion hits and we begin to get more of these 90s rock and grunge-y vibes. The drums are pummeling and thunderous and there is an additional percussion (presumably a tympani) that accentuates the ethereal and orchestral element brought by the vocals and clean guitars. The part with the distortion contrasts the percussions by being highly melodic and rock n roll-ish in a tight way that shows the amazing songwriting these guys are capable of.

With its ominous and ambiguous lyrics, the way the riffage changes from rhythmic to melodic, and the percussion; this track succeeds in creating a powerful and imaginative atmosphere. The mental picture it creates is that of a dark desert protagonist stranded alone and about to embark on an epic adventure (Think Blade Runner or Mad Max). I recommend this to people who love songs that work as movie soundtracks and have an epic adventurous vibe to them.