Not only does Ollie put all his heart into his music, but also invest proper time and energy into creating and playing it. Though he has been playing officially for five years at venues, pubs and small festivals meanwhile also street busking. He has been into music since a younge age.

Currently aiming for a musical change of direction and to transition from Alt-Pop towards Pop/Punk, Ollie has worked on many pieces, even against all odds during these pandemic, and is now moving to discover new artistic facets that also speak to him.

“‘Silk Dress’ was inspired by me reflecting on being a 5-year-old belting out Avril Lavigne’s “Skater Boy” on Singstar. I wanted to be a musician after hearing that track.”

More artists that inspire him are Foo Fighters, Green Day, Blink 182, Jet, Neck Deep, among many more.

“I sing and play guitar using both feet on a stomp box, looping pedal for my guitar and high-hat cymbal. For the recordings siblings Blair (Drums) and Lawson (Bass) Hamilton have worked on all my releases to date. They are incredible musicians.”

‘Silk Dress’ is a song for fans of 90s punk/ rock vibes. The hook of the vocals makes the ‘break’ between each guitar solo and each drums statement.
With the voice of the singer and instruments’ sound fading, even the ending of the song gives massive 90s-high school feelings.

It’s a song to bust in the radio on your way to the mall during the summer weekends. Definitely something easy to digest, and catchy enough to want to replay a couple times again.


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