They are Phil Saraceno on guitar and vocals, Donny Saraceno on guitar, Mark Kuczynski hitting the drums, Bill Gross with bass, and together they’re called Silhouette Cities.

From the first instance playing this song I felt like I’m listening to a Rise Against track, and that – of course- was a brilliant thing, they gave me the same feeling, they have the same sound, the same style and attitude, you could put Tim McIlrath‘s (Rise Against’s vocalist) voice into the song and it would just make perfect sense, even more than it already does to be honest.

The vocalist in this song isn’t really doing as much of a great job as the music, which is just perfect and delivers the message and the spirit of the band to the listener but the the vocals are just the missing link in this track, as they’re just not strong and expressive enough.

Lyricwise, I honestly didn’t get a word of what was voiced. It’s okay to get angry all you want and voice this anger as loud you want. Artists compete at who’s better at letting this anger out artistically, but voicing it the wrong way makes it lose its meaning and you are left with nothing but vocal noise, perhaps it’s just me, but I honestly didn’t get a word of what was said after 0:20.

The band’s called Silhouette Cities and was founded in 2008, an American band headquartered in Washington DC, they “generize” themselves as Rock/Alternative, they say that their style combines elements of alternative, pop, metal and punk, they’ve released their first EP Objects in Motion in January 2012 and then followed it on August 2015 with their latest album – the one this song is from – No Worse for the Wear.

Listen to the track reviewed here, ‘Snakes and Vultures‘.

Edited by: Jailan El Rafie


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