Edward James

I’ve always been told that talent is only 10% of the art, and the other 90% is hard work… but for Perfectparachutepicture (PPP) it’s equally both the talent and the hard work that shines through with this band, which is truly rare to find. The duo Kyle Ernest (drummer/vocalist) and Edward James (bass guitar) are the Sheffield (UK) lads behind this active and driven band.

Since releasing singles in 2020 followed by an EP in 2021 they have received mass recognition and have already grown a strong fan base in a short time, with high numbers of views between 1K to 8.5K on YouTube only and high engagement levels on their socials and streaming sites.

Their EP “White Walls” was one of the band’s peaking points, their music was aired on prominent radio stations in the UK; BBC Radio 6 Music, Radio X, Amazing Radio, local BBC Introducing shows, and internationally in France, the USA, South America, Netherlands, Canada, and Australia. Their latest single ‘Don’t Bow’ which was released earlier this year, was such a success that it landed them their first Radio 1 play on the Jack Saunders’ evening show and was selected for airplay by John Kennedy who featured the track four times in two weeks on his Radio X show.


We were lucky enough to get access to their new single ‘Silhouette’ and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s an alt-rock track with an immersive and powerful sound. The guitar line is intense, fast and heavy combined with an upbeat drum beat, delivering head-banging attitude. The track has an edgy character built from extremely catchy guitar riffs. The lyrics are about ‘Realization’ and the understanding that we don’t always have control, sometimes things change around us and there’s not much we can do about it. It’s a deep confrontation within ourselves on how we change and evolve over time. This feeling that we don’t always have control really confronts you head on as you listen.

So, what to expect from this dynamic duo in the near future? The band has a solid and busy list of live performances ahead, from Sheffield to London. Recently, they were shortlisted to perform at the YNot Festival (Derbyshire UK) and they are also taking part in the Tramlines Festival (Sheffield UK), via the Library stage which was curated by Christian Carlisle of BBC introducing.

Make sure to check their well-curated website with all the links to their show tickets, merch, and their music. Be in no doubt tickets will be selling fast as the following for PPP grows and grows.



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