Formed in 2019 and since then, the London-based alternative rock duo Apple Shakers has been gathering a loyal fan base with their big sound and unforgettable live performances. They dropped their new single “Silhouette” on the 13th of May 2022 and it’s worth checking out. Let me tell you why

First of all, I have to admit that I haven’t listened to something like “Silhouette” before! It shows a lot of character and creativity from Apple Shakers. Starting with the luring vocal melody and how by using a simple sound effect they made a smooth transition to the verse. “Silhouette” has an irregular enjoyable structure built on using unexpected patterns in unexpected places, and the way it progresses adding layer after layer with those interesting patterns will keep you hooked till the end. Using that rough guitar tone was a smart choice as it matched the song’s chaotic nature and the simultaneous arrangement of guitars and synth each at its perfect timing added to the sound and made it bigger and darker, all topped by that playful expressive vocal melody that perfected the “Silhouette” experience. 

“Silhouette” is an extremely bold move from Apple Shakers, it shows that those guys have character and style and they’re not afraid to show it. I’d love to experience more of their unique sound and hope they unleash their creativity and keep on experimenting. Looking forward for more from Apple Shakers. Cheers!