I love it when the songwriter is the producer, it just gives you a deeper insight into this artist’s mind and creative process. These kinds of artists are using all of their arsenal to create a world and invite you in it.

Laurentis has worked with many artists, producing and mixing for Ferrini 41, HI-DEF, and Maijah. He also worked on his own music and has 1 album to show for that…but this time around he is shaking things up.

Laurentis gets back to his roots on this song called “Signora”, he puts himself in a state of mind when he was in high school, on the floor, holding his guitar, just letting go of whatever he’s feeling at the moment.

I remember when I did the same….I bet you did too!

The song acts as a melting pot of different elements and cultures, you’ll feel RnB, Latin and Pop elements. It is basically a serenade, with a modern twist and edge…I have to also mention that the song has a “Parental Advisory” sticker on it.

Getting that out of the way…let’s get into it then, shall we?

Just listening to it, you’re greeted with a piano and far away vocals intro, setting the mood of the romantic side of things, then it brings you in a little closer with some simple beats and more vocals, then brings you more and more into Laurentis’ world when all the musical instruments and elements come together with full power…

You can clearly feel the mixture of elements in this song specially with the instrumentation…
So we have piano…ok, classic and emotional…classical guitar, also emotional and melodic.
Then Laurentis gets things going with an electronic drum kick and snare and a synth bass…all of this with his intricate vocal lines on top…

It is an edgy modern serenade love song…

Laurentis has already proven his technical expertise and skills for sure working with other artists, and now, not just that, he also proves that he is an artist that has a lot to say and share from within.

Best of luck to Laurentis, he’s making awesome music for himself and for a lot of people and in the end, we get to enjoy all of that, can’t wait to hear what you’re cooking next!


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