Rising Brighton-based rockers Last Seen Alive are cementing their sound and keeping up with their reputation as an energetic band with an unmistakable karisma on their latest single “Sick”. With its massive energy and catchy melodies, “Sick” is already one of Last Seen Alive’s fans’ favorite songs when played live and on the 7th of October, 2022, they will officially release it to the masses alongside a music video that I wish would include live footage that captures their essence and style. So, let’s see how it goes,

Heavy headbanging riffs and strong vocals are how I’ll sum up Last Seen Alive’s “Sick”. It has a classic alternative intro that shifts into a building-up filled with anticipation riff in the verse with deep bass, sharp vocals, and playful melody that explodes into an engaging super catchy heavy chorus, it’s no surprise that “Sick” is already a fan favorite at live shows. I loved that heavy riff around the 2:20 minutes mark and how it smoothly progressed leading to a remarkable outro. The structure is pretty simple and memorable in an entertaining way with relentless dynamics and massive energy that can easily get the crowd jumping and singing along.

“Sick” is an energetic tune with loads of catchy melodies and sky-high dynamics. It shows Last Seen Alive’s deep roots in alternative rock and their skill in writing a smooth hit without overdoing things, just using their good songwriting skills. Looking forward to more from Last Seen Alive, keep on rocking guys, cheers!