Teasing his fans with some rocking tunes that show his real talent and diverse influences, Calum Ingram ended 2023 with the release of his single Show Me The Way on the 2nd of December 2023, giving us a taste of what he’s about to unleash in 2024. Using his 5-string electric cello, wonderful detailed writing, and high energetic flow, Ingram takes us on an unforgettable experience on Show Me The Way that I’m sure will make you an instant fan. Let me tell you more about it. 

Calum Ingram sets the perfect mood with atmospheric organs before hitting hard with his electric cello’s bluesy riffs, yes that’s an electric cello and it’s not the only cool thing about Show Me The Way. Ingram’s groovy flow and warm melodies go hand in hand with his expressive catchy vocals in perfect harmony, moving smoothly forward as he creates subtle dynamic twists and turns that keep his structure interesting while his seasoned writing skills shine brightly. Around the 2:20 minute mark, Calum Ingram embarks on a mesmerizing sound journey that shows his true musicianship starting with deeply emotional melodies from cellos and piano before digging deep into a shredding conversation between cellos and organs that leads to the song’s outro, ending it on a high note as it began and making you play it all over again and again.

Show Me The Way is an interesting musical piece that’s beautifully crafted by Calum Ingram. It shows his unique way of handling melodies and steering them wherever he likes, creating a unique sound as he freely uses diverse elements demonstrating pure musicianship as he handles multiple instruments in perfect arrangements and layering. Will definitely be looking forward to more from Calum Ingram, keep on rocking. Cheers!