From Tottenham, a talented Indie rock artist that is born this year with nostalgic music in his hands, “Common Goldfish” released a 2nd new single on the 16th of June ”Shout Louder” with a summer vibe glows out of it with grooving guitar and drums.

The song starts with awesome music and some beating drums then hits in vocals saying “Shout Louder” in the celebration of a dope season coming in the way with a lot of fun waiting for old young folks with the sun and sea, having the freedom of going out and hanging with friends and family as everything comes back to normal after being in a locked down.

“Common Goldfish” has a great nostalgic feel with dope imagination that I can detect in the making of this song that got me into a different dimension, there is a guitar solo played in the song that adds in the perfect piece of this release that will definitely get people hooked to his music really quick. Also, his creative rhyming of the lyrics gets the listener enthusiastic with some swift dancing moves while the song plays.

His first release of the “Feel the Fuzz” has a buzzing feeling with cool vibes to it that can get you to another nostalgic theme. I root for you “Common Goldfish,” your music is worth listening to, and can’t wait for your next release that will blow us off with the talented and creative mind you have there, you’ll get listeners hooked from the first few seconds of your music.