“Shortline” is the latest single by Chicago-based rockers Canning. These guys have been making musical projects together since high school and became one of the most talked about bands in and out of the Chicago scene.

In their latest single, they bridge the gap between modern and alternative styles in a way that appeals to the entire rock spectrum. The track has a solid and fuzzy bassline accompanied by roaring guitars and pummeling drums. 

The vocals are strong and have a resonant chest register that with the bassline and the effects of the guitar emulates a sense of surfer rock/beach rock. The pre-chorus and chorus are where the vocals gain a lot more grit and rasp followed by some occasional falsettos – a great variety if you ask me.


The cherry on top for me was the supercharged guitar solo that didn’t overstay its welcome and at the same time felt very impactful and important to the song’s melody and composition.


To put it shortly, Canning are not just another indie band with a classic rock twist; they are a complicated and accomplished act who’ve earned their place and praise. Their unmatched energy, the even and balanced pacing of it, and the amazing vocals all make this a track that’s memorable and highly original.