Dan Libman

Yeah! ‘Short Supply’ is a song that speaks for us, and for people who want to take us for granted. You know what I am talking about already, yes, these abusive parasites in our lives! Well, first of all, let’s thank the up-and-coming Canadian rock goddess, Tatum Quinn, for speaking up for us! 

In less than 3 minutes a catchy pop-rock tune will help you express years of abusive years, from people who were using feelings either in relations or normal daily work life. Come on! Aren’t we all tired of this already? The funny thing is that these people love to play the victim! Ha! As Tatum said “F**k U”

Musically, ‘Short Supply’ is one of those songs that you will fall in love with from the first stroke! Yeah! We are talking about catchy guitar riffs, energetic drumming, and of course, her emotive powerful vocals. I love the production and the mix so much, which helped to listen to this track smoothly and even sing along with it, and you can feel it in the chorus so much. Based on her press info, I noticed that she has been through several events which were the reason to shape this amazing artist nowadays. And I would love to quote from her “a song written to release people from their chains, while encouraging them to escape their captors.” – Tatum explained. 

To me, ‘Short Supply’ isn’t just a new pop rock tune, it’s a new path in the music industry. I believe that in a few years Tatum Quinn will be one of the iconic names in the international rock scene. Thank you for your music! And please… KEEP ROCKIN’