Charlie Anderson

…pa…pa paa pa…pa paa pa…

…catchy, smooth, mellow, uplifting, happy…

This is the super catchy intro vocals to Carley Varley’s final song called“Shore”, from her “Seasons” EP.

Carley hails from France, but based in the UK…and I think she is giving out the positive vibes we most need, especially during these hard times the world is going through.

Carley is talking about a sensitive topic here, but in the most elegant and positive way, she is talking about working through a tough time in a relationship. This is just very…real.

She actually did not want to write “just another” break-up song, instead, she is focusing on how a couple could be working hard to keep their relationship alive during hard times…which is a time that-I’d say-many, many of us either went through once or even more!

She will also be performing “Shore” at two original shows this spring, one at “The Art House” Southampton and the other at “Spice of Life” Soho, London.

Be sure to check her out live, her energy is just wholesome.

So…we already love Carley and her awesome music, why don’t we go and check her new song “Shore” out?

Let’s go…

The song starts with just a ukulele and a “pa pa pa” vocal line…already, we’re hooked.

…vocals start a couple of seconds in, Carley’s vocals are very emotive and very unique.

Some elements start to appear…bit by bit…

Bass guitar…

Finger snaps…


Kick drum…

Ambient piano…

Soft synth…

…now you have a mix of soft mellow sounding instruments along with soothing vocals…that could fix anything.

The keyword here is “less is more”…meaning, everything is used in a minimal context but to maximize the effect and potency of all these elements…and let’s not forget, the lyrics and vocals are doing the heavy lifting, talking about tough relationship times.

Another point that I loved is that Carley’s vocals are almost double tracked in almost all of the song…whatever it is, it is just iconic to her vocals and her performance.

The song structure is relaxing, everything feels in place, everything working together beautifully.

…even the ending is so smooth, you feel like you’re waking up from a good dream.

“Shore”, both sounds and feels absolutely amazing.

We are wishing Carley all the best in the world, she deserves it…and a little more.

Looking forward to more awesome music from you Carley!


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