Felix Tandem / Anna Warner

To keep up with summer’s enthusiasm, fresh, upbeat singles are required. The Nashville-based three-piece rock band, “Felix Tandem,” has just released their first single, “Shoplifter,” which will lift your spirits with its rockin’ sound.

The trio of “Felix Tandem” are Max Sternlicht (guitar, vocals), Dan Davis (bass, vocals) and Sean Weidner (drums, vocals). Together they have a charismatic-bond, multi-talents, message to deliver, and one genuine sound. “Shoplifter” is the living prof of that. It features a high-energy performance with some symbolism in the lyric that depicts the band’s personal run-ins with masculinity, capitalism, and the law.

You can see the trio’s light and humorous spirits right through the single. Effortlessly, they hook you right from the top. “Shoplifter” boosts dynamic drumming and rip-roarin’ guitars that will make your tired soul bounce and flip more vividly than ever. The chorus is appealing, and the arrangement will keep you pumped all along. The melody is peppy and matches well with the airily vocals. The solo part is a ball of fire! The 3-time Grammy nominee, Ryan Smith, mastered the unblemished single.

“Shoplifter” is one of four songs from the upcoming debut EP “Okey Dokey” that will be out this summer. And it’s a great start to keep us waiting for what the EP holds.

If you’re ready to be mind-stolen by felixtandem’s “Shoplifter,” hit the play button below.