WAASH — the latest, pop-refining project from Vancouver songwriter Andrew Bishop — is releasing its self-titled full-length with the lead track “Might As Well Know.” A soaring, synth-coursing statement on putting up boundaries as a form of self-care, the single arrives through WAASH‘s label home, Light Organ Records.

Even if WAASH‘s album reflects the wisdom of withdrawing, the project likewise found Bishop nurturing friendships with a number of familiar collaborators. Lyrics were often co-written with Courtney Ewan HancockBishop‘s longtime partner in pop-rock outfit Twin River, and Louise Burns, the esteemed songwriter/producer Bishop had first met when he’d briefly entered her back-up band a decade ago.

The eponymous album was written during a time of isolation and separation. During this particular period, Bishop began to take stock of what was important to him and his relationships. So despite the feelings of loneliness being an inspiration for the album, it was the ability to spend those moments writing music with his closest friends which helped him finish it.

“[‘Might As Well Know‘] was energetic, fun to play and had lots of room left for the musicians to put their own spin on,” Andrew Bishop explains about the focus track from the WAASH LP. “One thing that still stands out to me is the interplay between Courtney [Ewan Hancock], Louise [Burns] and my vocals in the second verse. I really love how they come together and meet in the middle. I feel so fortunate to have such talented players on this track and album.”

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