Ontario’s numb talking is the solo project of sufian m (he/they), a musical space exploring the duality of extremity and its absence, distance and closeness, acknowledgement and disavowal, pain and its mending, home and its cross-border search.

At the core of numb talking are the wishmaking and healing capacities of songs as hummed prayers, admissions, cautions, reminders and celebrations. The voice whispers and projects in a mix of shoegaze and nu-metal tendencies that invite, warn and laugh with the listener.

There’s something hopeful about sunflowers. For sufian m, he imbues a lifelong wish to feel “real” on the song “sunflower.” It’s about flirting with someone, trying to connect, trying to make meaning of self and someone else, and using each other. The song captures the temporary privilege to do so during a time when the world felt like it was finally fully collapsing, and there was something overwhelming about that.