As their single releases continue, Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotion dropped their latest single Shimmering on the 26th of October 2023. Written by Dranow about his high school sweetheart Janine, Shimmering is a beautiful piece that sends a lot of bittersweet vibes. Let me tell you more about it.

Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotion cement their emotional yet rocking sound with warm groovy guitars and Caspar Aesthetic’s powerful touching vocals right from Shimmering’s intro. Shimmering has a mellow swaying flow and a big melodic sound with an organic progression and a dynamic fluid structure with seamless shifts, offering an interesting changing pace while keeping his core emotional sound alive. Dranow’s detailed writing and guitar skills are pretty impressive, he cleverly crafted such a spacious structure that he managed to freely play around with arrangements creating an atmospheric sound with guitar solos and moving chords that shook things off. 

Shimmering is a demonstration of Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotion’s authentic sincere writing and their clever choice of collaboration. They managed to put together a purely melodic piece with a powerful hook and a multi-layered artistic arrangement, while Caspar Aesthetic purely transferred the word’s energy to the listeners, totally recommended. Looking forward to more, keep on rocking. Cheers!