Travis’s style is a mix of Ed Sheeran and Josh Turner. He reached fame from perfectly covering country and indie-pop/folk singers on TikTok. Known as the Asian country singer, Travis is a great falsetto with a great vocal range, his ability to chameleon-like mold himself into the tune and the mood of the song he’s covering turned him into an Internet sensation. With “She’s Changing”, Travis is showing that he has more chips than a check rack can hold. He produced a song that not only challenges what people might think of breakup, grieving love anthems but brings to mind gems by Dolly Parton and Daniel Bedingfield.
“She’s Changing” is not a simple song about love drifting off, or lovers losing their compass. It might be, but in the hands of Travis Yee, “She’s Changing” is a song about the circle of life, and how we’re misplaced in its rapid course of the want and the need. It’s a timeless ballad, a tune for the lovers and the heartbroken, one that will solidify an artist even further down the music road.

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Jaylan Salah