Mary Wycherley

Electric post-rock duo band  Royal Cloak based in Cardiff, UK released a dreamy and hazy song called ‘Shell’, on the 23rd of November. The was originally written for acoustic guitar and had a totally different turn, until they decided to remake the song into a lovely, heartfelt piano tune. Producer Sanders encouraged the usage of new vocal technique after listening to the piano version. The inspiration of this technique was inspired from Bon Iver and Mogwai, experimenting with vocoder and the deliberate use of autotune for the first time. 

The song is the embodiment of melancholic beauty and fragile emotive narration. You feel like you’re floating through poetry. The songs talk about being in a dream where you’re constantly searching for someone but never quite finding them. The overall sound of the song is soft and melancholic with hints of anticipation of what is being sought. The rhythm is a slow burn pace with the building of emotions gradually. The soundscape is a beautiful melancholic piano melody decorated with soft-spoken, high pitched and deeply passionate vocals. The song turns darker from the middle to the end with the introduction of some distortion sounds, followed by an intensely dark electric guitar and prominent,  thrilling drums. add this song to your post-rock playlist for a soft and moving listening experience.