“Shelbyville Inn” is an Americana rock track, which means Southern-fried vocals with transcendent harsh gusts of acoustic guitars. It captures the core of what Once Great Estate’s music is about; languid, raw, and stealthy. Invoking a spirit of an American road trip at the heart of the US, “Shelbyville Inn” drives the narrative using Tracy Horenbein’s vocals as a vessel for the song theme and sound. Painting a visual image in the head and using an eclectic, magical guitar sound, “Shelbyville Inn” does not shy away from staying faithful to the ballad-like feel of country and folk music while drawing in some magic from other genres from which it borrows its notes and keys.
Once Great Estate’s style is a mix of everything. Their tracks blend roots rock, folk, country, bluegrass, and gospel, creating an American, folk-country sound that is both universal and authentic. “Shelbyville Inn” is a culmination of every message they want to deliver. This track is standalone and works fine on its own, but an integral brick in the tapestry they have carefully been building since 2018.

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Jaylan Salah