Eric Maynes

With his 3rd album coming up soon, NC-based artist’s Eric Maynes brain child Saves The Witch is back with the heavy new single “She Dances With Knives”. “She Dances With Knives” offers a sneak peek at Saves The Witch’s world with its well-arranged and written mood and textures, let me tell you more about it.

Saves The Witch opened “She Dances with Knives” with the most appropriate build-up. That groovy deep intro with that subtle tribal bass melody acted as a launch pad for the song’s thick sludgy riffs. Using that fuzzy guitar tone gave the heavy riffs lots of extra weight, and as “She Dances With Knives” progressed, its interestingly dynamic structure was loud and clear. Saves The Witch created a solid mix of groovy melodies and dense riffs that’ll get you off your seat head banging, leaving every heavy music lover satisfied and coming back for more.

“She Dances With Knives” is the perfect introduction to Saves The Witch’s work, it shows Eric’s good sense of dynamics and changing moods without overshadowing the song’s primary mood. The guitar work is pretty impressive, with well-thought and written licks and solos at the perfect timing, pushing the song’s flow forward. I’ll be keeping a close eye on Saves The Witch, keep on rocking Eric, cheers!