The lyrics however light, are also melancholic, stirring wistful, exhilarating, blue emotions.

“It tells the story of a man realizing that he could’ve been the father of the child of the woman he loves had their paths been just a little different.” –says Ritchot.

Genesis Ritchot, a Canadian-based songwriter and singer just released his new song ‘She Could’ve Been Mine’.

Composing music with a harmonious balance between Indie, Rock and sometimes folk, Genesis has mastered the power of creating soft, gentle pieces. He uses music to process his own feelings and life experiences. The result are graceful and harmonized melodies like ‘She Could’ve Been Mine’.

Despite the soulful tone of the song, it’s clear that Ritchot has an upbeat, positive character that leads him to create beautiful music. No wonder why people keep asking for more.

Genesis Ritchot has previously released successful work, among which there are several singles, and two albums: ‘Simple Complications’ (2019), and ‘Three Quiet Hands’ (2020).

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Mercedes Thomas