Red and The Revelers smash our hearts and minds with their new mind blowing song ‘Shattered lives’, released on the 4th of March all the way from Mobile, US. It was recorded at Real2reel studios. Except some soul-reaching music, upbeat vibes, and exceptional composition in this single. This band loves making socially conscious music which is much needed in a time when hope is a thin spider web. It’s the good vibes, high spirits and warmth in the atmosphere that makes this song too good to be true. The band has an upcoming tour that is going to be over the course of spring and summer. 

Funky, groovy and high in spirits, this song is the best when it comes to contrasting dark lyrics with a high frequency and positive song. The overall sound of the song is like a triumph after a desert run. The musical arrangement is exciting and dynamic, with the music literally jumping out of the headphones, being juicy and cool. You’ve got a classic rock soundscape that is medium spaced yet full of spice. You’ve got the heavy rock style drum set with the prominent cymbals, groovy, and also harsh soulful electric guitar, jungle percussion style and the star of the track would be the upbeat trumpet sound effect that creates the whole melody and vibe of the song. Your smile will be to your ears from how good the trumpet sound effect is. This song is just really funky, and the vocals are playful, and passionate. A must have on your new playlist, we just miss those creative and happy rock tunes.