There’s no denying how the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the music scene. Artists got bolder, tougher, and freer to express the issues that truly matter. Not only is the music angry, hardcore punk, garage rock in Sharp Teeth, Dashing Smile edgy, but so are the lyrics. Alien Machine proved their skills by creating a multi-instrumentalist piece of art that thrives on its rabid, excessive energy. Starting with the thrashing guitars and drums in “Untitled Intro Song”, Alien Machine will have their listeners hooked by the neck. There’s no escape from this labyrinth of crushed dreams and blooming petals. “Image-Music-Text” has that funky punk rock drumming style with nihilist lyrics that are meant to challenge all kinds of stored emotions. The effect of Self-Neglect’s simple riffs has highly influenced multiple tracks from the album most notably “High Bpm Nightmare” and “Kick Rocks”. On the other hand, tracks like “Bone Collector” and “Unintelligible” have some of the most original ones have heard in a hardcore song in a long time.
Sharp Teeth, Dashing Smile is a breath of fresh air, like acid on ice it pierces the soul and transforms the shackled into the rusty cubicles of the so-called work-life balance. Alien Machine proves their presence as a name to be reckoned with in the rock’n’roll scene.

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Jaylan Salah